Parish Staff

To connect with members of the parish staff, use the email addresses below or contact the Ministry Center at 847-823-2550.

Rev. Christopher M. Gustafson — Pastor

Rev. Paul Reczek, O.F.M. — Sunday Celebrant

Rev. Robert Darow, Retired Assistant

Rev. Andrew Luczak, Retired Assistant

Rev. Mr. Charlie O’Donnell — Deacon

Rev. Mr. James Frugé — Deacon

Mrs. Connie Mottley — Director, Religious Education Program

Mrs. Cathy Williams — Office Manager and Administrative Assistant To Pastor

Mr. Richard Gargul — Parish Business Manager

Mr. Robert Sadlowski — Music Director
(847) 322-2371

Mr. Brad Koenig — Maintenance Engineer

Mrs. Kathleen Sass — Bulletin Typist