Our Patroness

In Spain in the year 1218 A.D., the Blessed Virgin appeared in separate visions to St. Peter Nolasco, St Raymond de Penafort and King James I of Aragon. She asked them to establish an Order to liberate Christians who had been kidnapped by the Moors, transported to African prisons, and cruelly tortured to deny their faith in Christ. The members were to do this by means of prayer, raising alms for ransom, and taking a vow to offer themselves, if needed, in exchange for the enslaved Christians. Under Mary’s special protection, the order grew rapidly and those ransomed are numbered in the tens of thousands. The feast of Our Lady of Ransom is celebrated on September 24th.

Our Lady of Ransom painting

Prayer to Our Lady of Ransom

Through the intercession of Our Lady of Ransom let us pray for all who are held captive by evil in any way, be it through religious persecution, human trafficking, violations of human rights, domestic violence, habitual sin, addictions, debilitating illnesses, and the like. With Our Blessed Lady may we pray and work to break the chains of evil everywhere. Our Lady Ransom, pray for us!