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Blessing of Our Lady of Ransom Basin

Blessing of Our Lady of Ransom Basin Blessing of Our Lady of Ransom Basin Blessing of Our Lady of Ransom Basin

But for a few landscaping additions to be added in the Fall, work on the new detention basin has officially come to completion. On Thursday, December 4th, parishioners, Village of Niles officials, construction workers, engineers and parish staff came together to officially “open” and bless this cooperative project. You may recall that we first began this project nearly 6 years ago after several major rain events left repeated extensive storm water damage to Paluch Hall and to the homes of many of our neighbors. After taking some initial mitigating actions, we consulted with the Village of Niles about the prospect of deepening our existing detention basin on the west side of our property and extending it northward to detain more storm water during such events. A special parish committee gave it careful consideration and we consulted extensively with our our Parish Council, Finance Committee, and the Archdiocese. We decided to go ahead with the project at no financial cost to the parish.

The following represents the improvement as a result of the project:

  • Creation of a multi-tiered dry basin that will hold water only temporarily during major rain events when the storm sewers reach capacity;
  • Decorative modular block walls in the tiered portions of the basin allowing for multiple uses (i.e., outdoor concerts, Masses, small group gatherings, etc.);
  • Minor grading improvements at the northeast portion of the site to create an open field area for recreational use (i.e., baseball, sports, other events)
  • Several landscaping improvements and additional grading to capture storm water runoff flowing north and direct it west into the basin;
  • Removal of the existing driveway on Greenwood and installation of a new, more visible and accessible driveway adjacent to the north side of the school building;
  • Reconfigured parking lots including new islands, striping, drainage and resurfacing to improve condition and function;
  • Walkway improvements from the north side of the school building to Greenwood and from the school building to the gathering area in the upper tier of the basin;
  • Installation of new 36” storm sewers, replacing the current 22” sewers that run west from Normal/Greenwood to Western Ave.;
  • Capping off of existing 22” sewers at Greenwood Ave. in order that OLR will retain exclusive use of these pipes for storm water drainage.

The following prayer of blessing was offered at the dedication:

Almighty God, giver of all good gifts, we ask that you bless + this field that has been fashioned into a water detention basin. When needed, may it work well for the benefit of all by detaining water that falls from the heavens. May it drain quickly and successfully so that it may function as a place of beauty and recreation. May all who encounter it be held safely in the palm of your hands. And may we always be good stewards of all of the resources, natural and otherwise, that you provide. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.


December 14, 2014



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